WWI British Heavy Wool Cuff Rank Tunic – Item 80456  £685  Heavy wool WWI British Army... More Information US WWI Tank Corps Tunic – Item 80048  £285  Scarce WWI Tank Corps Other... More Information British Army Officers Four Pocket Khaki Combat Tunic – Royal Army Medical Corps – Item 80042  £85  WWII Royal Army Medical... More Information Imperial German Field Grey Officers Tunic – Item 79907  £1285  1910 pattern Imperial German... More Information Third Reich RAD Greatcoat – Item 79982  £485  Third Reich RAD Officers... More Information Third Reich German U Boat Crewman’s Foul Weather Leather Trousers – Item 79956  £285  WWII German U Boat foul... More Information WWII Luftwaffe Flak ORs Shoulder Straps – Item 80010  £30  In-issued condition matched... More Information Third Reich Police Officers Shoulder Boards – Item 80007  £35  Nice matched pair of WWII... More Information Third Reich NSDAP Political Leaders Four Pocket Tunic – Item 79650  £885  Scarce Third Reich NSDAP... More Information Third Reich German Army Other Ranks Combat Trousers – Item 79572  £685  Scarce pair of German Army... More Information Third Reich German Army Afrika Korps ORs Combat Tunic – Item79443  £885.00  Good example of four pocket... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Pilots Kapok Sausage Swim Vest – Item 79452  £850  Third Reich Luftwaffe pilots... More Information British Control Commission Germany Officers BD – Item 79003  £225  Nice 1940 pattern British... More Information Japanese Khaki Flying Trousers – Item 78112  £225  Rare and hard to find WWII... More Information WWI Officers Tunic to the Scottish Horse – Item 78019  £585  Nice 4 pocket Other Ranks... More Information Imperial German Officers Epaulettes – 4th Corps Maghdeburg – Item 78000  £325  Scarce pair of Officers... More Information RAF Air Gunners 1940 dated Tunic with Half Wing – Item 77429  £198  Nice 1940 dated RAF four... More Information Third Reich SS Panzer Division Black Leather Trousers – Item 77307  £450  Scarce pair of black leather... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Blue Denim Tunic and Trousers – Item 77322  £495  Unusual blue denim Luftwaffe... More Information

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