Third Reich Wooden ME109 Fighter Plane Model – Item 85072  £195  Nice wartime produced wooden... More Information Imperial German Prussian Other Ranks Great Coat – Item 84745  £695  Scarce and seldom found... More Information Luftwaffe Tan/Water Pattern Battle Reinactor Jump Smock – Item 84068  £225  Excellent manufactured... More Information Third Reich German Panzer Troops Straight Leg Trousers – Item 83454  £850  Good condition scarce pair... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Officers Breeches – Item 83286  £195  Third Reich Luftwaffe... More Information British 17th Indian Division Officers Four Pocket Tropical Tunic – Item 83132  £255  Excellent condition... More Information Imperial German Other Ranks 1915 Model Field Grey Tunic – Item 82631  £2850  Extremely rare Prussian... More Information Third Reich NSDAP Tunic Buttons – Item 82643  £65  Collection of 5 various... More Information Third Reich Naval Other Ranks Summer Tunic – Item 82430  £225  Third Reich German Naval... More Information WWII German Navy Mae West – Item 82426  £195  WWII German Naval Mae West.... More Information Third Reich Publication “Unifrmen Grob-Deutschlands” – Item 81940  £125  Interesting pre war German... More Information Third Reich German Naval Deck Coat – Item 81409  £385  Third Reich German Naval... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Issue Raincoat- Item 81526  £385  Scarce and unusual Hitler... More Information WWII German Army Issue Under Pants – Item 80814  £35  German Army issue woollen... More Information WWII German Army Long Johns – Item 80811  £55  Unusual WWII German Army... More Information WWI British Heavy Wool Cuff Rank Tunic – Item 80456  £685  Heavy wool WWI British Army... More Information Third Reich RAD Greatcoat – Item 79982  £485  Third Reich RAD Officers... More Information Third Reich Police Officers Shoulder Boards – Item 80007  £35  Nice matched pair of WWII... More Information Third Reich German Army Other Ranks Combat Trousers – Item 79572  £685  Scarce pair of German Army... More Information British Control Commission Germany Officers BD – Item 79003  £225  Nice 1940 pattern British... More Information

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