Badges and Cloth Insignia

Third Reich Hitler Youth Runic Arm Badge – Item 84358  £25  Mint un-issued HJ runic arm... More Information WWI British Glider Pilot Regiment Cap Badge – Item 89852  £26  WWII Kings crown white metal... More Information Third Reich NSDAP Hauptabscnhittsleiter Collar Patches – Item 89920  £585  Mint pair of uniform removed... More Information British Home Guard Printed Shoulder Titles – Item 89803  £55  Un-cut matched pair of... More Information British WWII Army Air Corps Cap Badge – Item 89847  £28  White metal Kings crown... More Information Third Reich Naval Petty Officers Gunnery Badges – Item 89927  £25  Pair of uniform removed... More Information Imperial German Shoulder Strap 48th Regiment – Item 89844  £25  Single red felt uniform... More Information German Freikorps Arm Band – Item 89799  £85  1920s period German... More Information Imperial German Other Ranks Shoulder Boards – Item 89841  £70  Nice matched pair of uniform... More Information Victorian Period Queens Own Light Infantry Glengarry Badge – Item 89796  £45  White metal two lug fixing... More Information WWII US War Correspondent Arm Band – Item 89836  £75  Scarce WWII US War... More Information Third Reich Prussian Police Officers Shoulder Boards – Item 89934  £48  Nice matched pair of uniform... More Information Third Reich Hannover Rally Badge – Item 89991  £30  Third Reich tin rally badge... More Information 12th Army Formation Signs – Unissued Examples – Item 89960  £30  Matched pair of British Army... More Information Third Reich Bevo Aserbaidschan Volunteer Shield – Item 89987  £85  Third Reich Aserbaidschan... More Information Third Reich Afrika Korps Bevo Cap Eagle – Item 89985  £75  Third Reich cap removed... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Standard Bearers Arm Badge – Item 89982  £85  Cut from roll un-issued... More Information Italian Fascists Mussolini Pendant – Item 89947  £45  Small white metal pendant... More Information Italian 452nd Fascists Fez Badge – Item 89944  £72  Brass two piece construction... More Information Fascist Italian Arm Shield of 124th Regiment – Item 89941  £75  Scarce Italian Division... More Information

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