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Serbian Order of St Sava 3rd Class in Case of Issue – Item 84141  £680  Lovely cased example of... More Information 1st Canadian Tank Battalion Cap Badge & Discharge Certificate – Item 1067+6  £350  Rare brass cap badge of the... More Information WWII Russian Army Belt Buckle – Item 106311  £68  Brass ground dug up from... More Information Belgium Concentration Camp Survivors Commemorative Plaque – Item 106090  £195  Unusual post WWII Belgium... More Information Kingdom of Libya Order of Istiklal (Independence) Set – Item 105373  £885  Kingdom of Libya Order of... More Information Imperial Russian 1916 dated Kindjal – Item 104918  £395  Imperial Russian 1916 dated... More Information Norwegian Quisling Military Ski Cap – Item 105038  £850  Black M43 Ski cap worn by... More Information WWII Greek Fascists Leaders Side Cap – Item 101205  £485  Rare WWII Greek Fascists... More Information Spanish 16th Century Morian Helmet – Item 99237  £885  Tall Spanish Morian helmet.... More Information Zulu Wars Tribal Chiefs Staff – Item 99588  £135  Zulu Wars period tribal... More Information WWI Australian Trench Wire Cutters – Item 99005  £75  WWI Australian 1915 dated... More Information Imperial Russian Red Cross Nurses Badge – Item 99060  £185  Scarce and unusual... More Information Korean War Communist Leaders Cap & Press Cutting – Item 98213  £650  A scarce and unique... More Information Bulgarian Volunteers Air Defence Helmet – Item 97558  £395  Scarce and unusual one piece... More Information Imperial Russian 1881 Pattern Dragoon Officers Sword – Item 96459  £1200  Good example of Imperial... More Information Zulu Warriors High Ranking Knobkerrie – Item 96038  £225  Early Zulu Wars campaign... More Information WWII Russian SSH 40 Steel Combat Helmet – Item 96175  £385  WWII Russian Army combat... More Information Zulu Executioners Knobkerrie – Item 96037  £550  A scarce and unusual high... More Information Zulu Wars Fighting Assegai – Item 96001  £250  Early 1890s Zulu Warriors... More Information Imperial Russian Military Bugle – Item 94574  £395  Rare WWI Imperial Russian... More Information

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