British Militaria

Coldstream Guards Brass Bed/Duty Plate – Item 83164  £26  Brass Coldstream Guards... More Information Irish Guards Bed/Duty Plate – Item 83162  £26  Irish Guards brass duty... More Information British 17th Indian Divison Embroidered Formation Signs – Item 83304  £50  Matched pair of embroidered... More Information British SOE Fish Hook Assassination Knife – Item 83271  £650  Scarce SOE fish hook... More Information British 17th Division Printed Divisional Patches – Item 83301  £45  Pair of two designs of... More Information British 17th Indian Division Officers Four Pocket Tropical Tunic – Item 83132  £255  Excellent condition... More Information Military Formation Signs – Invasion Defence Formation  £85  Pair of military formation... More Information WW2 5th Infantry Division 17th Brigade Battle Dress Combination Insignia – Item 82840  £95  WW2 5th Infantry Division... More Information WWI British Hampshire Regimentally Marked Steel Helmet – Item 82646  £225  Barn find untouched WWI... More Information WWII Kukri Fighting Knife – Item 82800  £385  WWII Gurkha Kukri fighting... More Information WWII Distinguished Flying Cross Grouping of Five – Item 82600  £4250  Fine WWII Sterling Bomber... More Information WWI Womens Royal Air Force Cloth Sleeve Eagle – Item 82584  £65  Womens Royal Air Force WWI... More Information WWI Somme Casulaty Trio – Item 82597  £185  Interesting WWI trio awarded... More Information WWI British ID Discs for Armament Factory Workers – Item 82423  £45  Two WWI ID discs for British... More Information WWI Welsh Regimentally Marked Steel Helmet & Accessories – Item 82450  £185  WWI Welsh regiment marked... More Information WWI British Trench Raiding Parties Club – Item 82475  £225  Scarce WWI British... More Information British Victorian 9th Lancers NCOs Lance Cap – Item 82111  £1285  Scarce NCOs Lance Cap of the... More Information Great War Manchester Pals Battalion Battle of the Somme Casualty Pair and Plaque – Item 81732  £325  5th Manchester Pals... More Information Victorian Royal Marines Light Infantry Officers Helmet Plate – Item 81919  £295  Victorian Royal Marines... More Information Post 1902 South Wales Borderers Officers Home Service Helmet Plate – Item 81845  £225  Post 1902 South Wales... More Information

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