British Militaria

British Air Raid Wardens Alarm Bell – Item 85694  £65  WWII British Air Raid... More Information WWII Military Issue Kukri – 1945 Dated – Item 85710  £300  WWII military issue Kukri.... More Information Victorian Helmet of the 17th North Middlesex Rifle Volunteers – Item 85649  £785  Scarce Home Service Officers... More Information WWI Royal Flying Corps 35 Squadron Photo Album – Item 85573  £395  WWI Royal Flying Corps/Royal... More Information WWI Royal Flying Corps Beaver Skin Flying Gauntlets – Item 85569  £195  Rare Royal Flying Corps... More Information WWI Royal Flying Corps Cowl Pattern Flying Helmet – Item 85563  £895  Scarce Royal Flying Corps... More Information British Airborne Forces Paratroopers Knee Pads – Item 85560  £195  Scarce matched pair of WWII... More Information Anglo German Youth Movement Commemorative Badge – Item 85848  £65  Interesting pre war English... More Information Royal Flying Corps Officers Tunic Wings – Item 85885  £95  Royal Flying Corps pilots... More Information Victorian Officers Bearskin of the Royal Fusiliers – Item 81009  £1285  Rare and hard to find... More Information Victorian 5th Lancashire Volunteer Artillery Sabretache – Item 85583  £750  Scarce Officers sabretache... More Information Victorian Third Kings Own Hussars Officers Sabretache – Item 85578  £850  Rare Victorian Third Kings... More Information British WWII Helmet Worn By Free Polish Forces – Item 85534  £395  Scarce WWII British steel... More Information Victorian Royal Midlothian Yeomanry Cavalry Sabretache – Item 85453  £385  Rare Victorian Royal... More Information Naval Mess Presentation Serving Tureen – Item 85503  £95  Interesting silver plated... More Information British SOE/OSS No. 3 Mk I Booby Trap Device – Item 85380  £100  Scarce SOE issue British Mk... More Information Military Kukri with 1918 Date – Item 85354  £385  WWI 1918 dated British... More Information British Irish Guards Colour Sergeants Arm Badge – Item 85289  £65  Post WWII Queens crown Irish... More Information British Coldstream Guards Queens Crown Colour Sergeants Arm Badge – Item 85287  £65  Mint post WWII Queens crown... More Information Edwardian 5th Royal Irish Lancers Officers Lance Cap complete with Plume – Item 85111  £2650  Excellent untouched... More Information

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