Paperwork & Ephemera

Third Reich Waffen SS Conscription Letter – Item 81606  £75  Interesting letter and reply... More Information Third Reich RAD Womans Photograph Album – 81397  £75  Interesting Third Reich RAD... More Information Third Reich Postcard Photograph Autographed by Viktor Lutze – Item 81603  £225  Nice postcard photograph pre... More Information Third Reich German Life Saving Association Membership Card and Badge – Item 81392  £55  Third Reich membership ID... More Information Third Reich SS Award Letter – Item 81494  £85  A scarce and rare letter... More Information Third Reich Panzer Troops Magazine – Item 81318  £30  Interesting regimentally... More Information Mein Kampf 1933 Paperback Edition – Item 81040  £80  A rare soft back edition... More Information Hitler’s Mein Kampf German Hard Back Edition – Item 81037  £125   Blue leather cover Mein... More Information Pre War Edition Mein Kampf Rare Illustrated English Copy – Item 81034  £385  A rare published pre WWII by... More Information Berlin Olympics Commemorative Scarf – Item 80797  £185  Scarce commemorative scarf... More Information Ministry of Defence Un Doing His Bit Poster – Item 80794  £75  Scarce and interesting... More Information Third Reich Honourable Discharge Letter from the Hitler Youth – Item 80724  £150  Interesting single sheet... More Information Third Reich Reichsfuhrer SS Headed Letter to HJ Leader – Item 80720  £185  Interesting Reichsfuhrer SS... More Information Klara Hitler – Mother of the Dictator Adolf Hitler Document ID Photo – Item 80791  £225  Scarce and unique document... More Information Jewish Segregated Identification Stamps – Item 80787  £65  Complete sheet of 12 Work... More Information Third Reich Issue Ration Card – Item 80420  £25  Unusual Third Reich Ration... More Information Third Reich School Report Book 1941-46 – Item 80416  £38  Interesting Third Reich... More Information Allied Occupation Forces Inter Zone Travel Pass – Item 80413  £20  Interesting allied... More Information Third Reich Postcard Fuhrer Standard Adolf Hitler – Item 80377  £45  Scarce Third Reich postcard... More Information German Occupation ID Travel Permit – Item 80409  £20  Interesting travel permit... More Information

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