Combat Equipment

British Commando FS Fighting Knife with Unusual Variation Scabbard – Item 106544  £485  Unusual variation of WWII... More Information WWI British Officers Issue Compass in Pouch of Issue – Item 106691  £110  1917 dated British Army... More Information WWII Russian Army Belt Buckle – Item 106311  £68  Brass ground dug up from... More Information Third Reich Afrika Korps Issue Sand & Glare Goggles – Item 106280  £55  Third Reich German Afrika... More Information WWI British Trench Made Mace – Item 105369  £385  WWI British trench raiding... More Information Third Reich German Naval Other Ranks Belt & Buckle – Item 105364  £385  Third Reich German Naval... More Information Third Reich NSDAP Officers Claw Belt and Buckle – Item 105378  £185  Third Reich NSDAP Officers... More Information Third Reich SS Steel Parade Buckle – Item 105156  £485  Third Reich SS NCOs nickel... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Pilots Flying Boots – Item 105145  £385  Good issued pair of Third... More Information Third Reich Afrika Korps Webbing Belt & Buckle – Item 104894  £650  Third Reich Afrika Korps... More Information British Paratroopers WWII Knee Pads – Item 104484  £225  Scarce matched pair of WWII... More Information Third Reich Waffen SS Steel Buckle – Item 104142  £395  Third Reich Waffen SS Other... More Information Third Reich Waffen SS Buckle by O&C – Overhoff & Cie – Item 104146  £395  Third Reich Waffen SS belt... More Information Third Reich Waffen SS Horsehair Back Pack – Item 104297  £225  Third Reich Waffen SS Combat... More Information WWI German Wurttenberg Other Ranks Belt and Buckle – Item 104050  £150  WWI German Other Ranks... More Information WWI Imperial German Long Barrelled Deactivated Luger – Item 104072  £2250  Excellent and scarce WWI... More Information Imperial German Field Grey Painted Bugle – Item 104024  £395  WWI Imperial German Prussian... More Information RAF Split Top 1936 Pattern Flying Boots – Item 103013  £450  WWII 1936 pattern British... More Information Imperial German Long Barrelled luger Holster – Item 103474  £985  Imperial German 1915 dated... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Boys Steel Belt and Buckle – Item 102873  £155  Interesting veteran bring... More Information

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