Combat Equipment

Imperial German Other Ranks Brass & Steel Belt Buckle – Item 89806  £48  Brass and steel Imperial... More Information Third Reich Army/Waffen SS Issue Marching Compass – Item 89997  £85  Kassel manufactured Third... More Information Third Reich German Combat Y Straps – Item 89900  £195  Third Reich German 1941... More Information French Military Issue WWI Stretcher Bearers Arm Band – Item 89912  £68  WWI French stretcher bearers... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Officers Claw Belt – Item 89832  £95  Third Reich Luftwaffe... More Information British Officers Field Glasses & Carrying Case – Item 89731  £125  British Army Officers... More Information Imperial German Prussian Steel Belt Buckle & Tag – Item 89809  £55  Imperial German all steel... More Information 9th Queens Royal Lancers Full Dress Sabretache – Item 89484  £1250  9th Queens Royal Lancers... More Information Third Reich German Army Issue glasses – Item 89619  £45  Third Reich issue German... More Information Third Reich German Army Soldiers Belt, Buckle & Ammo Pouches – Item 89687  £250  Third Reich German Army... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Boys Buckle in Unissued Condition – Item 89610  £55  Third Reich HJ boys steel... More Information Third Reich German Butchers Association Buckle – Item 89606  £48  Scarce and unusual Third... More Information Third Reich Early SA/SS Steel Buckle – Item 89675  £88  Early steel SS/SA stamped... More Information British WWII Home Guard Training Dummy Grenade – Item 89434  £55  Home Guard issue dummy... More Information 1880s Zulu Warriors Shield – Item 89570  £850  Large 88cm x 52cm cow hide... More Information Third Reich WWII Army Esbit Cooking Stove – Item 89188  £45  WWII German Army issue Esbit... More Information WWII British Tank Commanders Swagger Stick – Item 89288  £68  WWII British ball top... More Information Imperial German Prussian Other Ranks Belt Buckle – Item 89317  £50  Brass and steel WWI Prussian... More Information German Weimar Period Other Ranks Army Belt Buckle – Item 89314  £55  Steel German Army Weimar... More Information Third Reich SA Waist belt buckle – Item 88952  £70  Early 1930s Third Reich 3/4... More Information

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