Combat Equipment

Third Reich Luftwaffe Winter Flying Mask – Item 88105  £285  Scarce item of Luftwaffe... More Information Third Reich Steel Railways Belt Buckle – 88149  £250  Scarce German Railway... More Information Third Reich Red Cross Field Dressing – Item 88244  £25  Third Reich sealed Red Cross... More Information Third Reich SA Cross Strap – Item 88203  £125  Third Reich brown leather SA... More Information WWII German Luftwaffe Issue Whistle and Cord – Item 87886  £38  WWII German Luftwaffe issue... More Information WWII German Army Issue Whistle and Cord – Item 87883  £38  German Army issue bakelite... More Information WWII No 4 Mk 1 Spike Bayonet with Cruciform Blade – Item 87970  £188  Hard to find WWII No 4 Mk 1... More Information Third Reich SA Belt with Cross Strap Attachments – Item 87962  £385  Excellent Third Reich SA... More Information Hungarian WWI Stick Grenade – Item 87797  £265  Scarce and seldom found... More Information German WWI Entrenching Tool & Carrying Leather Frame – Item 87768  £195  1915 dated leather... More Information Third Reich German Army Issue Gas Mask Tin & Mask (Unit Marked) – Item 87763  £200  WWII German Army gas mask... More Information Third Reich German Army Steel Belt Buckle – Item 87463  £95  Steel German Army soldiers... More Information Presentation Regimental Bugle to Gloucestershire Hussars – Item 87477  £225  1939 dated Regimental... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe POW Belt Buckle – Item 87474  £55  Good steel Third Reich... More Information Zulu Warriors Weapon Grouping – Item 86618  £650  Interesting Zulu shield and... More Information WWI German Egg Grenade – Item 86743  £75  WWI empty and safe Imperial... More Information Zulu Wars Battle Shield – Item 86471  £495  Zulu Wars (Ihubelo) Battle... More Information Zulu Tribal Chiefs Battle Club – Iem 86467  £225  Zulu Wars Chiefs dark wood... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Stag Grip Fighting Knife – Item 86319  £985  Scarce Third Reich Luftwaffe... More Information Zulu Wars Chiefs Executioners Knobkerrie – Item 86334  £525  Superb Zulu Wars... More Information

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