Interesting Items

British Union of Fascists 1930s Collecting Box – Item 80327  £185  Scarce 1930s pre war wooden... More Information Portrait Watercolour of Sir General R Barton, 2nd Lifeguards  £595  Finely painted watercolour... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Wall Carved Eagle – Item 80263  £1500   Impressive Third Reich... More Information Third Reich Period Clockwork SS Standard Bearer on Horse – Item 79795  £685  Extremely rare SS clockwork... More Information Third Reich Half Litre Regimental Stein – Item 79831  £550  Third Reich half litre... More Information Third Reich Photographic Advertising Placard for the Company of Bleyle – Item 79860  £85  Interesting advertising... More Information Car Pennant Flag of the Grand Admiral Inspector of the Navy – Item 79282  £2850  Rare Third Reich double... More Information WWII Japanese Torture Stool and Cane – Item 79392  £255  Very rare WWII Japanese POW... More Information Third Reich Wartime Toy U Boat in Original Box of Issue – Item 79413  £850  Scarce wartime produced tin... More Information Newspaper The Hamburger Zeitung – Dated 2 May 1945 – Announcing the Fuhrer’s Death – Item 79465  £225  Scarce single sheet printed... More Information Ash Tray Made From German Submarine Deutschland – Item 79353  £225  Interesting copper made ash... More Information Luftwaffe Plaque Awarded to the Commanding General for Area LG XII – Item 79208  £225  Scarce Third Reich... More Information Third Reich Plaque for Outstanding Achievement in Air District XI – Item 79204  £225  Scarce Third Reich... More Information Third Reich Russian Volunteer in the German Army Pay Book – Item 79324  £385  Rare Russian volunteer in... More Information Third Reich Army Officers Studio Oil Painting – Item 79127  £685  Magnificent pre WWII... More Information Third Reich Tipco Army Motorcyclist – Item 79124  £495  Scarce Third Reich clockwork... More Information Third Reich SS Canteen Cup & Saucer – Item 79120  £95  Third Reich Officers Mess... More Information WWI Princess Mary Gift Tin with Some Contents – Item 79012  £150  WWI 1914 Princess Mary gift... More Information WWII RAF Benevolent Fund Victory Bell – Item 79005  £68  WWII RAF Benevolent fund... More Information Third Reich Porcelain Presentation Salver for SA Sports Day – Item 78991  £385  Scarce white porcelain... More Information

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