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Third Reich Hamburg Group Stahlhem Plaque – Item 87041  £385  Large 39cm in... More Information Old Bill Cheese Dish – Item 86989  £75  Old Bill commemorative china... More Information Third Reich Herman Goring Plate from his Personal Hunting Dinner Service – Item 86593  £885  Scarce dinner plate from the... More Information Imperial German Graff Zeppelin Commemorative Glass Plate – Item 86590  £185  Period made Imperial German... More Information Third Reich German Railways Carriage Plaque – Item 86189  £250  WWII German goods Railway... More Information Zulu Wars Chiefs Executioners Knobkerrie – Item 86334  £525  Superb Zulu Wars... More Information Third Reich Automobile Badge for 25,000 K – Item 85899  £385  Scarce Third Reich... More Information Hitler Youth Sports Award Plaque for 1939 – Item 85951  £295  Interesting Hitler Youth... More Information Imperial German U 9 Submarine Money Box – Item 86074  £395  Scarce Imperial German U 9... More Information Third Reich HJ Milk Jug – Item 85989  £185  Interesting 1930s glazed HJ... More Information Third Reich German Army Issue Tobacco – Item 85981  £35  Interesting German Army... More Information Third Reich RLB Enamelled Plaque – Item 86026  £75  Enamelled German Air Defence... More Information British Air Raid Wardens Alarm Bell – Item 85694  £65  WWII British Air Raid... More Information Third Reich Ernst Rohm Presentation Officers Smoking Set – Item 85732  £450  Rare smoking set presented... More Information Third Reich German Army Wolchow Stock for Russia – Item 85805  £285  German Army Wolchow Stock as... More Information Third Reich German U Boat Hydrometer – Item 85670  £225  Scarce glass German U boat... More Information Victorian 5th Lancashire Volunteer Artillery Sabretache – Item 85583  £750  Scarce Officers sabretache... More Information Third Reich 1936 Olympics Commemorative Bell – Item 85335  £285  Beautiful white porcelain... More Information Naval Mess Presentation Serving Tureen – Item 85503  £95  Interesting silver plated... More Information Third Reich Hitler Head Stamps – Item 85526  £25  Four sheets of 20 stamps per... More Information

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