WWII Japanese Holster & Belt – Item 107947  £285  Scarce WW2 Japanese Nambu... More Information Third Reich Teno Other Ranks Steel Belt Buckle – Item 107425  £65  Steel buckle of the German... More Information WWI German Disc Grenade – Item 106302  £165  Inert WWI German disc... More Information Mint Luftwaffe Observers Watch Strap – Item 102643  £110  Mint modern made Luftwaffe... More Information British Victorian Tynemouth Artillery Volunteers Sabretache – Item 99747  £850  Scarce Officers Victorian... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Issue Compass and Pouch – Item 98813  £150  Near mint condition Third... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Boys Bread Bag – Item 97923  £55  Light tan with leather... More Information WWII Italian Soldiers Ammo Pouches & Bayonet Frog – Item 96591  £85  Nice matched pair of WWII... More Information Third Reich Hitler Youth Leaders Belt Buckle – Item 96624  £245  Scarce and seldom found... More Information Imperial German Officers Dress Waist Sash – Item 96436  £85  Imperial German Officers... More Information Third Reich German Army/Waffen SS K98 Barrel Cover – Item 89421  £38  Third Reich German... More Information Imperial German Prussian Military Bugle – Item 93086  £225  Imperial German Prussian... More Information British Airborne Forces Paratroopers Knee Pads – Item 85560  £195  Scarce matched pair of WWII... More Information Imperial German Fighting Knife with Single Boot Clip to Scabbard – Item 85417  £300  Unusual variation of slap... More Information Third Reich Afrika Korps Army Issue Webbing Belt – Item 84536  £185  Standard Other Ranks German... More Information Third Reich PPK Leather Holster – Item 80163  £95  Third Reich black leather... More Information Third Reich German Army Combat Fighting Knife with Single Clip Fitting – Item 78104  £295  Third Reich German Army slab... More Information Third Reich Army Wolchow Stock – Item 77463  £385  Rare exceptionally carved... More Information

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