Royal Flying Corps Officers Mess Presentation Tray – Item 95658  £150  WWI Royal Flying Corps... More Information RAF Spitfire Desk Model – Item 95666  £110  Interesting polished hard... More Information WWII Royal Air Force Hong Kong Service Plaque – Item 95663  £125  Large wooden commemorative... More Information WWI Womens Royal Air Force Framed Photographs – Item 95654  £125  Nice pair of polished wooden... More Information Royal Naval Air Service Squadron Plaque – Item 95650  £185  Royal Naval Air Service... More Information RAF Battle of Britain Casualty ID disc and Research – Item 94854  £88  Interesting RAF casualty ID... More Information WWII RAF Navigators Four Pocket Tunic – Item 94457  £195  Unusually large size four... More Information WWI Royal Flying Corps Other Ranks Shoulder Titles – Item 93090  £195  Good matched pair of Royal... More Information Imperial German Presentation Trophy to Lt Kurt Wintgens – Blue Max Winner – Item 91545  £1285  Large and impressive... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Summer Issue Air Gunners Flying Helmet – Item 90842  £285  Luftwaffe summer issue... More Information WWI Royal Flying Corps Aviators Crash Helmet – Item 90507  £1285  Rare and seldom found... More Information RAF Wartime Flying Log Book to Flt Ltn Jarvis – Item 89658  £225  Interesting wartime Royal... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots netting flying helmet – Item 85103  £425  Good example of a Luftwaffe... More Information RAF Air Bombers/Air Gunners Flying log Book – 232 Squadron – Item 84399  £200  Good condition RAF log book... More Information Third Reich luftwaffe Officers Bullion Cap Cockade – Item 83520  £65  Cap removed Third Reich... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe NCOs Cap Cockade – Item 83517  £38  Third Reich Luftwaffe NCOs... More Information

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