Third Reich Luftwaffe Single Decal M40 Combat Helmet with Attachment Strap – Item 87757  £695  Good M40 Luftwaffe Single... More Information Third Reich Afrika Korps Luftwaffe Generals Sun Helmet – Item 87114  £695  Scarce 1st Model Afrika... More Information Russian Model 1936 Combat Helmet – Item 87036  £450  1936 model Russian early war... More Information Third Reich German Army Combat Helmet – Loft Find – Item 86885  £785  Third Reich German Army M35... More Information German Army M42 Raw Edge Snow Camouflaged Helmet – Item 86935  £695  Third Reich German Army M42... More Information M35 German Army Combat Helmet – Item 86929  £685  German Army M35 single decal... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe M40 Combat Helmet – Item 86508  £585  Good WWII Luftwaffe M40... More Information Third Reich German Paratroopers Combat Helmet – Item 86667  £3850  Luftwaffe German Airborne... More Information Third Reich Czech Volunteers Army Helmet – Item 86575  £950  Scarce Czech captured helmet... More Information British Combat Helmet with Island of Jersey Connections – Item 86660  £285  Interesting WWII British... More Information Third Reich German Army M42 Combat Helmet – Item 86704  £750  Good M42 German Army combat... More Information Third Reich Army Battle Damaged Combat Helmet – 85973  £795  Berlin Defender untouched... More Information Imperial German Regimentally Marked M16 Combat Helmet – Item 85609  £850  Imperial German M16 Combat... More Information Third Reich Fire Police Double Decal Helmet – Item 85443  £450  Third Reich Fire Police... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Fighter Pilots netting flying helmet – Item 85103  £425  Good example of a Luftwaffe... More Information Third Reich German Army Transitional Single Decal Helmet – Item 85088  £885  Good example field grey... More Information Third Reich Army M42 Combat Helmet with Wire Cover – Item 84867  £1250  German Army M42 subdued Army... More Information British Army Issue Solar Sun Helmet – Item 84559  £85  WWII British Army issue sun... More Information WWI British Raw Edge Camouflaged Steel Helmet – Item 84160  £380  Scarce First Pattern British... More Information German Army M40 Combat Helmet – Item 83963  £650  Third Reich German Army... More Information

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