WWII British Army Despatch Riders Helmet with Netting Cover – Item 80181  £195  1942 dated British Army... More Information WWII British Despatch Riders Helmet with Divisional Insignia – Item 80053  £195  WWII British despatch riders... More Information M40 German Army Battle Damaged Combat Helmet – Item 80023  £795  Third Reich German Army M40... More Information 1917 Model Imperial German Barn Find Camouflaged Steel Helmet – Item 79826  £750  Good example of un-touched... More Information WWI Belgium Adrian Pattern Steel Helmet complete with Original Trench Cover – Item 79930  £485  Scarce WWI Belgium soldiers... More Information Third Reich Luftwaffe Tropical Finish Combat Helmet – Item 79964  £1285  Good example of Luftwaffe... More Information Third Reich German Army Tan/Water Striped Camouflaged Helmet – Item 79820  £1285  Good example of German Army... More Information German Army Late War Battle Damaged Combat Helmet – Veteran Bring Back – Item 79959  £495  Veteran bring back, never... More Information Third Reich German Army Soldier Art Combat Helmet – Item 79561  £650  Good M42 raw edge German... More Information Belgium Army WWII Combat Helmet – Item 79550  £120  Standard WWII Belgium Army... More Information British Private Purchase Cromwell Steel Helmet – Item 79545  £65  British private purchase... More Information Blitz Period Special Fire Patrol Steel Helmet – Item 79541  £55  Special Fire Patrol steel... More Information Imperial German Battle Damaged Camouflaged M16 Helmet – Item 79633  £595  Imperial German battle... More Information British Police Blitz Period Steel Helmet – Item 79536  £68  Blitz period British steel... More Information German Army Battle Damaged Combat Helmet Shell – Item 79501  £195  Interesting battlefield pick... More Information Home Front Red Cross Steel Helmet – Item 79361  £225  Unusual British Home Front... More Information WWI British Steel Helmet with Divisional Insignia – Item 79228  £185  WWI British Tommys Combat... More Information German Paratroopers Captured British Sun Helmet – Item 79374  £395  Scarce and unusual British... More Information British Bromley Control Steel Helmet – Item 79218  £110  Interesting 1940 dated Home... More Information Third Reich Army M40 Combat Helmet – Non Decal – Item 79247  £395  Nice loft find German Army... More Information

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