Edged Weapons

Third Reich Set of Naval Hangers and Dress Belt – Item 87880  £395  Third Reich German Naval... More Information WWII No 4 Mk 1 Spike Bayonet with Cruciform Blade – Item 87970  £188  Hard to find WWII No 4 Mk 1... More Information Third Reich RAD Officers Dagger and Hangers – Item 87873  £1885  Mint condition Third Reich... More Information Japanese Samurai Katana Sword – Item 87964  £850  Excellent Japanese Samurai... More Information Third Reich German Army Officers Dagger with Straps – Item 87671  £310  Third Reich orange grip... More Information WWI Issue Military Kurkha Kukri – Item 87702  £550  WWI issue military kurkha... More Information Weimar Period German Naval Officers Dirk – Item 87731  £885  Flame topped pommel German... More Information Italian WWII Airborne Forces Fighting Knife – Item 87724  £485  Italian MVSN Fighting knife.... More Information WWII Gurkha Airborne Forces Fighting Knife – Item 87697  £650  Scarce WWII Airborne Forces... More Information British 1st Pattern Commando Dagger – Item 87640    Scarce 1st Pattern British... More Information Third Reich Dress Sidearm by Horster – Item 87720  £88  Third Reich German... More Information Third Reich Postchutz Leaders Dagger – Item 87689  £2950  Scarce late war issue... More Information WWII Dated Military Kukri Fighting Knife – Item 87265  £495  WWII 1944 dated military... More Information Third Reich Personalised SS Officers Chained Dagger – Item 85589  £4850  Scarce personalised 1936... More Information Third Reich Naval Officers Dirk with Deep Orange Grip – Item 86851  £950  Third Reich Naval Officers... More Information British Military SOE/Commando Locking Jack knife – Item 86786  £285  Scarce WWII military... More Information Third Reich Fire Dress Sidearm – Item 86947  £155  Near mint condition Third... More Information Third Reich SA Mans Dagger by Bonsmann – Item 86897  £950  Third Reich SA Mans dagger.... More Information Weimar Period Long Model Police Dress Sidearm – Item 86513  £1585  Rare German Weimar period... More Information Japanese Wakizashi Short Sword – Item 86558  £325  Japanese short sword. Blade... More Information

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