Third Reich Police Other Ranks Shako Badge – Item 81143  £125  Third Reich Police Shako... More Information WWII British Army Jungle Slouch Hat – Item 81022  £195  Scarce WWII British Army... More Information Victorian Officers Bearskin of the Royal Fusiliers – Item 81009  £1285  Rare and hard to find... More Information Cameronians Scottish Rifles Victorian Officers Shako – Item 80389  £895  Scarce Officers shako of the... More Information Prussian Other Ranks Picklehaube – Untouched Barn Find Example – Item 80201  £495  Untouched and in-cleaned... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Military Police Officers Helmet – Item 80187  £895  Excellent condition Imperial... More Information Imperial German Other Ranks Jager Shako – Item 79599  £495  Imperial German Other Ranks... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Dragoon Officers Picklehaube – Item 79275  £1485  Imperial German Bavarian... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Generals Dragoon Helmet – Item 79401  £2350  Magnificent Bavarian white... More Information Third Reich Police Officers Shako – Item 79172  £1400  Excellent example of a Third... More Information Third Reich NSFK Glider Helmet – Item 79115  £1375  Rare Third Reich NSFK Glider... More Information Imperial German 1892 Pattern Field Grey Picklehaube Cover – Item 78799  £250  Imperial German one piece... More Information Imperial German Field Grey Picklhaube Cover – Item 78798  £225  Field grey Other Ranks... More Information British Airborne Forces Camouflaged Helmet – Item 78766  £695  1944 dated British Airborne... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Dragoon Private Purchase Officers Picklehaube – Item 77567  £1485  Beautiful gilt brass on... More Information Imperial German Garde Other Ranks Picklehaube – Item 77752  £680  Imperial German Garde... More Information Imperial German Fire Officers Helmet – Item 77575  £695  White metal mounts on... More Information Imperial German State of Saxony Officers Picklehaube – Item 77560  £1800  Magnificent Imperial German... More Information Bavarian Dragoon Reserve Officers Picklehaube – Item 77736  £1485  Excellent white metal on... More Information German Army Special Issue Winter Fur Cap – Item 77438  £385  Scarce German Army Other... More Information

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