WWI Royal Naval Air Service Albums and Medal Grouping – Item 80461  £695  Interesting Royal Naval Air... More Information WWI British Heavy Wool Cuff Rank Tunic – Item 80456  £685  Heavy wool WWI British Army... More Information Military Medal Group of Four – Item 80429  £485  WWI Group of 4 consisting of... More Information Imperial German Large Commemorative Squadron Board for Fliger Battalion 10 – Item 80537  £685  Imperial German Fliger... More Information Royal Flying Corps Officers Metal Dress Tunic Wing – Item 80399  £185  Scarce Royal Flying Corps... More Information Prussian Other Ranks Picklehaube – Untouched Barn Find Example – Item 80201  £495  Untouched and in-cleaned... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Military Police Officers Helmet – Item 80187  £895  Excellent condition Imperial... More Information US WWI Tank Corps Tunic – Item 80048  £285  Scarce WWI Tank Corps Other... More Information 1917 Model Imperial German Barn Find Camouflaged Steel Helmet – Item 79826  £750  Good example of un-touched... More Information WWI Belgium Adrian Pattern Steel Helmet complete with Original Trench Cover – Item 79930  £485  Scarce WWI Belgium soldiers... More Information Imperial German Field Grey Officers Tunic – Item 79907  £1285  1910 pattern Imperial German... More Information Imperial German Soldiers Photograph Album Showing Life in the Trenches – Item 80001  £185  Nice Imperial German... More Information Imperial German Battle Damaged Camouflaged M16 Helmet – Item 79633  £595  Imperial German battle... More Information Imperial German Other Ranks Jager Shako – Item 79599  £495  Imperial German Other Ranks... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Dragoon Officers Picklehaube – Item 79275  £1485  Imperial German Bavarian... More Information WWI British Steel Helmet with Divisional Insignia – Item 79228  £185  WWI British Tommys Combat... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Generals Dragoon Helmet – Item 79401  £2350  Magnificent Bavarian white... More Information Ash Tray Made From German Submarine Deutschland – Item 79353  £225  Interesting copper made ash... More Information WWI Princess Mary Gift Tin with Some Contents – Item 79012  £150  WWI 1914 Princess Mary gift... More Information Imperial German Standard Bearers Gorget – Item 78785  £850  Imperial German Standard... More Information

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