WWI Recruiting Poster – To the Women of Britain – Item 98918  £185  Scarce WWI British... More Information WWI British Recruiting Poster – Three Questions to Employers – Item 98922  £150  Interesting WWI poster... More Information WWI Bairnsfather Bowl with German Soldier Caught in Barbed Wire – Item 98868  £30  Interesting WWI Old Bill... More Information WWI German Trench Snipers Shield – Item 98907  £150  WWI German Trench snipers... More Information Imperial German Saxon Artillery ORs Ersatz Helmet – Item 98440  £885  Scarce and unusual Imperial... More Information WWI British Field Nurse Flag & Ephemera Grouping – Item 98379  £685  Interesting WWI field nurse... More Information WWI Royal Flying Corps Flying Helmet & Goggles – Item 98374  £495  WWI Royal Flying Corps... More Information French Officers Mounted Gendarmerie Helmet – Item 96492  £785  1913 model French... More Information British WWI Army Officers Compass – Item 98044  £95  WWI British Army Officers... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Cuirassier Regiment Sword – Item 97615  £695  Imperial German 2nd Bavarian... More Information WWI German Maxim Machine Gun Sight – Item 97817  £395  WWI German ZF12 Maxim... More Information Imperial German Garde Officers Sword – Item 97611  £495  Excellent condition Imperial... More Information Imperial German Steel Hilted Fighting Knife – Item 97746  £495  Scarce and unusual pattern... More Information Imperial German Jager zu Pferde Lobster Tail Helmet – Item 97263  £1985  Imperial German Jager zu... More Information WWI British Royal Naval Air Service Warrant Officers Cap – Item 97196  £850  Scarce WWI Royal Naval Air... More Information Imperial German Naval Battle Flag – Item 97220  £550  Imperial German 93 x 70cm... More Information WWI Gift Tin from the Colonies – Item 97247  £45  Interesting black finish tin... More Information Imperial German Brunswick Regimental Standard – Item 97396  £2950  Large and Impressive... More Information WWI/WWII Court Mounted Medal Bar – Item 96894  £195  Good set of WWI and WWII... More Information Imperial German 4 x 4 Shooting Association Standard – Item 96979  £1500  Large and impressive green... More Information

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