1914 Star Awarded to RAMC Member – Item 88872  £70  1914 Star awarded to 2747... More Information Imperial German Officers Epaulettes – 4th Corps Maghdeburg – Item 78000  £295  Scarce pair of Officers... More Information Royal Company of Archers Shoulder Belt Plate – Item 88716  £385  Mint Royal Company of... More Information Prussian Other Ranks M15 Spiked Helmet – Item 88336  £650  Good condition Prussian M15... More Information WWI Lewis Aircraft Machine Gun Manual – Item 88615  £68  WWI Lewis machine gun... More Information Imperial German State of Saxony NCOs Spiked Helmet – Item 88454  £1250  Good Saxon NCOs One Year... More Information British Kings Bodyguard of Scotland Bonnet – Item 88488  £395  Scarce Royal Company of... More Information WWI Turkish Bayonet and Scabbard – Item 88565  £195  WWI Turkish bayonet. Wooden... More Information Third Reich & Imperial Medal Bar with Citations – Item 88288  £650  Third Reich and Imperial... More Information British Officers WWI Cuff Rank Tunic – Royal Engineers – Item 88112  £1250  XRare pattern regimentally... More Information WWI British Tank Drivers Face Mask – Item 87889  £1500  Rare WWI British tank... More Information Imperial German Medical Officers Peaked Cap – Item 87913  £595  Imperial German WWI Medical... More Information Imperial German Garde du Korps Pork Pie Other Ranks Cap – Item 87505  £650  Scarce and seldom found WWI... More Information Hungarian WWI Stick Grenade – Item 87797  £265  Scarce and seldom found... More Information German WWI Entrenching Tool & Carrying Leather Frame – Item 87768  £195  1915 dated leather... More Information WWI German Iron Cross Commemorative Plaque – Item 87459  £450  Imperial German large wooden... More Information WWI French Stretcher Bearers Arm Band – Item 86830  £35  WWI Red Cross arm band as... More Information WWI Medals – Army Service Corps – Item 86755  £55  WWI Medal pair consisting of... More Information Imperial German Graff Zeppelin Commemorative Glass Plate – Item 86590  £185  Period made Imperial German... More Information Royal Flying Corps Officers Tunic Wings – Item 86525  £195  Good late war example of... More Information

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