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British Naval POW Archive from Crew Member of SS Orama – Item 96517

Fantastic British POW Naval Archive to a crew member of the SS Orama. A converted troop ship. The grouping consists of his whole diary kept throughout his time as a POW from 1940. In the log he interestingly mentions being approached by the Germans to join the British Free Korps and gives a detailed description of the pamphlet he was handed detailing the principle is that they should volunteer British subjects to take arms in the common European struggle against soviet Russia and not to sacrifice British blood in the interest of jewry. The log also mentions pamphlets they received in the camp to all POWs saying to escape from prison is no longer a sport. Log includes a large number of photos taken in the camp. Including watch tower, sports, wire fences, stage shows etc.  Large amount of POW money he received. Family photos, cards from the Red Cross. A booklet list of the ships sunk or captured and a list of survivors interned held in the camp. A day to day diary of his experiences including leading up to the sinking of the Orama in 1940. Lots of other ephemera and paperwork. His POW tag and registration card from the camp. Worthy of further research. Contain in two period cases  which he kept after his release. A fantastic insight to one mans POW life from the beginnings of WWII.

Note:  In 1940 Orama was converted to a troop ship and used to transport the British Expeditionary force to Norway. She was sunk in 1940 west of Narvik by the German High Seas Fleet which included the Scharnhorst.

Price: £1285

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