Imperial German Miniature Naval Daggers – Item 93853  £350  Pair of miniature Imperial... More Information Imperial German Clark D Gas Bottle – Item 93829  £85  Scarce and seldom found WWI... More Information WWI Childs Scottish Military Doll – Item 93816  £90  Interesting bisque headed... More Information WWI Turkish Officers Two Piece Belt Buckle – Item 93729  £75  Stamped out brass two piece... More Information Imperial German Camouflaged Coal Scuttle Helmet – Item 92854  £890  Imperial German M17... More Information Imperial German State of Saxony Officers Picklehaube – Item 77560  £1800  Magnificent Imperial German... More Information Imperial German Standard Bearers Gorget – Item 78785  £850  Imperial German Standard... More Information Imperial German Regimental Trumpet Banner – Item 93147  £1850  Impressive Imperial German... More Information Imperial German SMS Thueringen Naval Cap Tally – Item 93412  £85  Interesting WWI German Naval... More Information British WWI Officers Webley Revolver Holster – Item 93096  £150  Scarce and unusual WWI... More Information Third Reich 4 & 12 Year Army Group of 5 Medals – Item 93019  £300  Third Reich and WWI Service... More Information WWI Royal Flying Corps Other Ranks Shoulder Titles – Item 93090  £195  Good matched pair of Royal... More Information Imperial German Prussian Military Bugle – Item 93086  £225  Imperial German Prussian... More Information Imperial German Butcher Bayonet – Item 92660  £150  WWI Imperial German slab... More Information WWI German POW Isle of Man Carving – Item 92824  £285  Excellent quality German... More Information Old Bill China Plate – Item 92595  £68  Old Bill Bruce Bairnsfather... More Information WWI French Battle Damaged Adrian Helmet – Item 92893  £325  Good WWI French Adrian... More Information Imperial German Bavarian Telegraphists Belt Buckle – Item 92842  £325  Scarce WWI Bavarian Other... More Information WWI French Adrian Infantry Combat Helmet – Item 92898  £325  Good untouched WWI French... More Information Old Bill China Teapot Stand – Item 92591  £125  Bruce Bairnsfather design... More Information

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