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Fascist Italian Bullion Arm Badge – Item 95451  £45  Interesting bullion Fascist... More Information Imperial Russian Military Bugle – Item 94574  £395  Rare WWI Imperial Russian... More Information Hungarian Naval Officers Dagger – Item 94929  £395  Scarce and unusual Hungarian... More Information WWII Russian M17 Sohlberg Steel Helmet – Item 94659  £395  Scarce and unusual Russian... More Information Imperial Turkish Naval Officers Belt Buckle – Item 94795  £185  German made WWI Turkish... More Information Imperial Russian Officers Military Breeches – Item 93560  £595  Imperial Russian Garde... More Information Austrian 1854 Pattern Lorenz Socket Bayonet – Item 92579  £135  Austrian 1854 Pattern Lorenz... More Information Zulu Warriors Fighting Spear (Assegai) – Item 92174  £295  Good early Zulu Warriors... More Information Zulu Throwing Spear 1880s – Item 92178  £135  Good early 1880s Zulu... More Information Zulu Ceremonial Knobkerrie – Item 92089  £125  Early 1900s Zulu ceremonial... More Information Zulu Chiefs Knobkerrie – Item 92086  £125  Late Victorian Zulu warrior... More Information WWII Hungarian Attached to German Forces Army Generals Side Cap – Item 91492  £850  Rare Hungarian attached to... More Information Third Reich Russian Volunteer POA Printed Arm Sheild – Item 91274  £55  Scarce POA Russian volunteer... More Information Czechoslovakian Forces Stationed in UK Shoulder Titles – Item 89218  £40  Matched pair of... More Information Russian Nicholas II Officers Sword – Item 89257  £1250  Rare Nicholas II Russian... More Information Third Reich Russian Volunteers in German Army POA Arm Badge – Item 89326  £58  Third Reich printed POA... More Information Hungarian WWI Stick Grenade – Item 87797  £265  Scarce and seldom found... More Information WWII Italian Army Officers Tunic – Item 87405  £225  WWII Italian Infantry... More Information Zulu Warriors Weapon Grouping – Item 86618  £650  Interesting Zulu shield and... More Information Zulu Wars Battle Shield – Item 86471  £495  Zulu Wars (Ihubelo) Battle... More Information

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