Combat Equipment

Third Reich Issue Mail Sack – Item 92154  £85  Near mint condition 1943... More Information WWI German Leather Gas Mask – Item 92158  £280  Hard to find nowadays WWI... More Information Victorian Officers Attributed Epaulettes – 1st Devon Cavalry Yeomanry – Item 91481  £150  Victorian Officers... More Information British Irish Guards Brass Two Piece Parade Buckle – Item 91769  £40  Irish Guards two piece brass... More Information Imperial German Prussian Military Bugle – Item 91640  £250  Imperial German military... More Information Victorian Army General Service Other Ranks Brass Buckle – Item 91758  £55  Victorian soldiers Other... More Information Irish Guards Large Dress Parade Buckle – Item 91772  £35  Post WWII two piece... More Information Imperial German Trench Lamp & Photograph (Battlefield Pick Up) – Item 91390  £125  Interesting WWI German... More Information WWII German Sea Mine Detonator – Item 91235  £68  Interesting and unusual WWII... More Information Third Reich Allgemeine SS Fur Back Pack Complete – Item 91171  £385  Scarce Allgemeine SS fur... More Information WWI German Granatenwerfer Round – Item 91242  £85  WWI German Granatenwerfer... More Information WWI German MG08 ZF12 Machine Gun Sight – Item 91166  £550  Near mint condition WWI... More Information French WWI Ball Grenade – Item 91150  £80  WWI French Ball Grenade.... More Information WWI British Batty Grenade – Item 91147  £68  WWI British Batty hand... More Information WWI German 1918 Turtle Hand Grenade – Item 91144  £150  Rare Imperial German 1918... More Information WWII Red Devil Italian Hand Grenade – Item 91138  £110  Scarce WWII “Red... More Information Italian Hand Held Mortar Style Grenade – Item 91141  £68  WWII hand held Italian hand... More Information Third Reich NSDAP Political Leaders Belt & Buckle – Item 90340  £395  Near mint 6cm wide NSDAP... More Information WWII British Army Officers Webley Pistol Holster – Item 90417  £35  WWII dated British Army... More Information French Military Issue WWI Stretcher Bearers Arm Band – Item 89912  £68  WWI French stretcher bearers... More Information

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