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German Swastika Cut from Fieseler Storch – Item79596

Large swastika canvas section cut from tail of Fieseler Storch. Back of canvas with old ink inscription marked “Taken from a Nazi plane brought down by ack ackc”. Also marked in pencil Storch. Panel remains in good overall condition and measures 38.5 x 37.5cm approximately. Displayed in later Perspex clear frame to preserve and protect canvas. Original aircraft trophies are scarce and hard to find nowadays. The swastikas were a popular souvenir when items were removed from crashed or shot down aircraft.

Note: Field Marshal Rommel used Storch aircraft for transport and battlefield surveillance during the North African desert campaign of World War II

Note: On 26 April 1945, a Storch was one of the last aircraft to land on the improvised airstrip in the Tiergarten near the Brandenburg Gate during the Battle of Berlin and the death throes of the Third Reich. It was flown by the test pilot Hanna Reitsch, who flew Generalfeldmarschall Robert Ritter von Greim from Munich to Berlin to answer a summons from Hitler.


Price: £1250

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