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Third Reich SS Kriminalpolizei Arm Band – Item 79863

Extremely rare Arm Band of the SS Criminal Police. Mostly this organisation were plain clothed detectives and agents who worked in conjunction with the Gestapo. They were mainly concerned with serious crimes of rape, murder, arson and also black out burglary which was considered a big problem when criminals would raid, shops, homes and factories. They were also assigned to the Einsatzgruppen Commanders. Who were in charge of the mobile killing units in the implementation of the final solution in territories where the Nazi war machine had overrun. This unit was headed by Nazi Psychiatrist Doctor Robert Ritter, who was attached to the Kriminalpolizei. Its role was to create racial profiles of non-Aryans.

This particular arm band is white with black printed gothic lettering and comes complete in the original envelope that it was sent to at the end of the war to Sergeant Clarke of the Secret Service. Also included in this lot is Clarke’s service record who’s job it had been at the end of the war to round up Gestapo and SS members. An interesting and rare veteran bring back SS arm band.

Price: £650

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