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Third Reich General Government Diplomats Full Uniform – Item 88619

Very Rare Third Reich Generalgouvernement (Government of Occupied Poland Region) Diplomats Full Uniform, superb and extremely rare double breasted field grey tunic which has bullion embroidered Diplomatic service arm badge with single star to the centre, very unusual heavy bullion embroidered cuff title with tight silver aluminium wire embroidery on field grey cloth with silver twist wire piping bordering the band. Double row of Third Reich diplomatic service tunic buttons. Twist wire bullion cord to the collar. Turn back cuffs and lower pockets. Interior of the tunic has fine quality officers lining and Krakow tailors label to the collar.

The tunic is accompanied by the even rarer matching trousers in the same field grey cloth with grey piping down the outside leg. The set shows some light service wear but generally is an extremely good example of a very rare uniform.

Due to the actions of the organisation, many uniform items were destroyed as being associated with the Generalgouvernement would certainly mean prosecution and possibly death by trial or at the hands of the Polish people as a reprisal attack. Many of these uniforms were burnt or destroyed. (2 items) The Generalgouvernement was set up by the Third Reich after the joint invasion of Poland by the Third Reich and the Soviet Union, with Western Poland controlled by the Third Reich and Eastern Poland by the Soviets. After the invasion of Russia during operation Barbarossa, the Generalgouvernement increased its territories to control the whole of the Polish region. All officials were German and the idea of the organisation was to eventually eradicate the native Polish people from the area and make it part of the German Reich. The organisation were responsible for some of the most horrific war crimes during WW2 with the Polish people persecuted and the ethnic cleansing of the Jewish population of Poland was much to do with the organisation. Hans Frank was Gauleiter of the occupied region.

Price: £7650

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